Sophie Caroline Gohr, Director of Photography.
Sophie was born and raised in Denmark.

Sophie is currently based in Los Angeles, US.

To me a good story is essential, a good story always have a sense of poetry and music to the script, a feeling of hope and honesty, strong characters and meaning.

Sophie started as a still photographer at a very early age, as a 6 year old she became very enthusiastic about photo journalism, her great inspirations were ( Steve Mccurry and Yann Arthus).

Sophie has been the DP on over 25 short films and 1 feature film.

Feature film The Angel maker ( DK ) SF studios / NETFLIX Crime/Thriller.

Sophie is today inspired by still photographers, like Saul Leiter, Todd Hido, Gregory Crewdson and Lise Sarfati, just to name a few.

Still photography/paintings/ poetry and music is a huge inspiration for Sophie and a help to the cinematic expression.

Sophie is known for her work on


" The streets of San Fransisco " A doc about homeless in SF. Directed by Peter Anthony and Produced by Steven Mao


" ENGLEMAGEREN " Feature film Directed by Esben Tønnesen and Julie Ølgaard. SF STUDIO  and HITHERO ( CINEMA RELEASE ) 


" Welcome to the skyline " A film about dealing with grief. Short film Directed by Oona Haagen


" The exemption " A Novel film about a young woman, and how she is affected by the 2nd world war. - Director Stefan Pellegrini. TV2 


" Rituals " An arthouse horror movie, about a young girl grieving her moms death. Director Sophie Caroline Gohr 


"Dandelion"  A movie about the kids growing up in the ghetto. - Director Joey Moe.


" The Revolution of Love" A tragicomic existentialist tale of an alternative encounter between two misplaced, identity-confused teenagers Mada and Ave, who, despite a failed rape attempt, develop empathy, understanding and feelings for each other. - Louise Hylland


" We always have paris" A story about a 35 year old woman, trying to find herself in life she have build. - Julie Ølgaard


" Incognito " Our eyes don't lie: they're windows to the soul. Incognito explores the reality of repressed sexuality and boxed self-love in the present-day world. A film by Joey Moe


" The Morning Walk" A story about euthanasia and how two woman creates a different reality for them selfs. - Marc Harpsø


"Alaan Isaac" a film about the first ever humanoid AI. - Lina Csillag 


" Shadow of the past " a thriller about a woman hunted by her past. - Helena Widenborg


"Moving Images" a film about falling in love with the world of cinema. - August Vinther Thomsen

Tv Pilot 

" 7 Symptoms of a sociopath" - Marc Harpsø

Tv pilot

“South east of Aarhus”  A Danish crime/comedy. - Tammie Bergholt / Marc Harpsø

Tv pilot 

" 2020" - Selma Munksgaard Hansen 


 “On Deep Water” A story about 3 friends reconnecting when they are trapped out on the big ocean. - Kathrine Vintersborg

Tv pilot 

" Karo and Frida" Danish comedy show. - Jonas Risvig 

“For me it’s the best of both worlds... Cinematography is a perfect combination of doing something technical and artistic. Working with lights and camera gear and finding the right tools for the project is a big joy for me. I love nerding out on gear. The best part of it is the different technical tools you can use to create the exact look you want for a project,” explains Gohr.

“The artistic part of cinematography is a soulful experience and it’s why I started doing cinematography. I love creating a visual story, from the colors to the camera movements to the framing and locations. All of that makes it an amazing creative process.” 

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